My name is Elena Zubenko. This is my personal site. I am also in

My art skill

My talents are endless, but there are a few that I love


I see beauty in every person. And I want to catch her through a photograph.


The fact that I am painting is my mood. And it's the same as paint.


The easiest way to have unusual things is to create them.


I like to sculpt polymer clay caricature. New style of volumetric paintings.

Some of hobbies

My soul is always with fantasy

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  • Artist
  • Sculptor
  • Handiwork
  • Wall-painting
  • Photographer

Maybe you want to support the artist?

You can order a caricature drawing or caricature figure for your friends or relatives as a gift. Wedding and family photo shoots for your celebration. Write me in Whatsapp.


Contact Info

Signal + 7 929 820 33 11